This program teaches you to perform the welding and cutting processes used in today's industry.


Kevin Donley

Welding Department Head

Students enrolled in the welding program learn to perform the welding and cutting processes used in today’s industry. These processes include oxy-acetylene, arc, MIG, and TIG welding, oxy-fuel, plasma arc and arc-air cutting.

Graduates of the welding program may enter employment in transportation, construction, agriculture, aerospace, and production welding. Graduating majors will also be given the opportunity to take the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) welding certification tests in both MIG and arc welding. Successful completion of the test will result in a 2-year inter-provincial welding ticket to better enhance employment opportunities of the student.

Students are required to wear safety glasses and safety footwear in this course.
Program Majors must provide their own Welding Helmet
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For more information about the Welding program please contact the Welding Department at 482-6926 ext. 3255