Society is communicating more with visual images...


Don McIntosh

Photography Teacher    Webpage

Though photography is not a vocational major in itself, it is a necessary component of the Visual Communication and Advertising Arts majors, or a very usefu elective course for anyone. Students in mostly lab-focused photography classes start with basic camera operation and black and white darkroom procedures and learn more about composition and “what makes a good picture” in PY20.

PY30 students build on their skills from the previous course and work with advanced black and white techniques, image design using models and studio techniques, and art photography from field-trip, “location shoots”.

The commercial world of photography is “opened up” in PY40 which not only includes black and white, but also colour printing and digital assignments. This “agency-like” course is evaluated on individual and team projects and the production of a professional portfolio of work. Visual Communication and Advertising Art majors, or a very useful elective course for anyone.

The is a Digital Imaging/ Multi Media PY41 course which involves advanced techniques with simple and advanced digital cameras. PhotoShop and Premiere editing software will be used to produce prints, slide shows and videos.

With camera phones and messaging, digital cameras, both still and video, are gaining in popularity; society is communicating more with visual images. Photography courses can teach one how to get the most out of the technology and communicate effectively.