ISPL – Individual Self Paced Learning

ISPL Teachers

Gord Dehn

Sam Michaluk

What is ISPL?

ISPL stands for Individualized Self Paced Learning
ISPL is an academic program

What does that mean?

Students work individually on Individualized units of study
Students work at their own pace (Note: you must be at a pace!)

What are the different programs of ISPL?

1. Recovery course – students complete only 2 units of study if their incoming mark is above 40%
2. Complete course – students complete the whole course of study if their mark is less than 40%
3. Satellite program – students complete the course outside the classroom. Regular “check-ins” are established between the student and ISPL teacher

What courses are offered in ISPL?


Grade 9 – Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Phys. Ed
Grade 10 – Science, Essential Math, Geography, English, Phys. Ed
Grade 11 – Topics in Science, Essential Math, History, Transactional English, Phys. Ed
Grade 12 – Essential Math, Transactional English, World Geography, Phys. Ed and Technical Communications (vocational students only)

What do I need to know about the ISPL program?

You must attend class
You must complete all the work within each unit
Students work on one course at a time, one period a day
Students earn a regular course credit upon completion
ISPL is not a resource program
ISPL is the only place at the comp to earn a Grade 9 credit
Students generally have been unsuccessful in the regular classroom before they are placed in ISPL