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Students and parents are encouraged to access our services. To set up a meeting with a counsellor, please go to the Guidance Reception Desk and fill out a form. Once the form is filled out, place the form in a counsellor’s mail slot which is attached to their office door. He or she will contact you to discuss whatever it is you need.

Counselling Goals and Services


  • Counselling Goals and ServicesCounselling in the areas of career, educational or social/personal concernsAppraisal of academic and career potential, aptitudes and interests

    Course selection and post secondary information

    Consultation with parents and staff

    AFM Counsellor – Tuesdays, Thursdays – Mrs. J. Harris

    Appointments/referrals available at Student Services

    Public Health Nurse – appointments available at Student Services

    Referrals to outside agencies, resources and specialists

    Public Health Nurse – appointments available at Student Services

    Transcripts of marks – forms available at Student Services

    Graduation requirements – see the Registration Guide


  • Student visits are confidential with the following exceptions:Where there is reason to believe the student will harm themselvesWhere there is reason to believe the student will harm someone else

    If there is a court order to release information

  Crisis Support

Child & Family Services – (204) 785-5106
Crisis Stabilization Unit – (204) 482-5361
Mobile Crisis – (204) 482-5376
Nova House Women’s Shelter – (204) 482-7882

  General Community Support

Adolescent Mental Health – (204) 785-7752
AFM – (204) 785-2354
Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba – (204) 389-5030
Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868
Public Health – (204) 785-7702
Selkirk Teen Clinic – (204) 482-8336